© 2017 Darcy Stephanie Smith

Darcy Smith is an emerging artist from Melbourne, Australia predominantly working in sculptural installation. In recent projects, Smith has used live events to explore how processuality and choreography through everyday movement can exacerbate problems that then lead to reflect the presupposed constructed social norms that situate females in the social sphere. Glass is an integral material to Smith’s practice as both the physical and metaphorical relationships that arise from glass both manipulate and sway the trajectory of investigation after moving forward from the ideas of change through the effects of trauma.


2017                                                            Naked State Art Residency, Bare Oaks, Toronto OT, Canada

2015                                                            Neon, Plasma and Beyond with Wayne Strattman

                                                                    Session 5 Summer course

                                                                    Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood WA U.S.A


2016 November                                         Blindside Debut XIII Award

                                                                    Blindside Gallery through Monash University

2015 November                                         Monash BFA Art Prize, Monash University

2015 July to August                                   Pilchuck Glass School Partner School Scholarship

                                                                    Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood WA U.S.A

2015 February                                            Student Presenter at States of Illumination Ausglass Conference
                                                                    Adelaide SA Australia


2016                                                            Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Monash University

2013 - 2015                                                 Bachelor of Fine Art, Monash University

2009 - 2010                                               Certificate II in Dance


2015                                                            viscosity, RUNT/LINK Gallery, Monash University, Caulfield VIC

2014                                                            diaphanous, RUNT/LINK Gallery, Monash University, Caulfield VIC


2018                                                            12:21 in collaboration with Maddy Anderson Gaffa Gallery, Sydney NSW

2017                                                            Memory Palace, curated by Jake Treacy at Dirty Dozen, Melbourne VIC 

2017                                                            Debut XIII, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne VIC

2016                                                            MADA NOW 16, Monash University, Caulfield VIC

2016                                                            Windows XII, Dirty Dozen, Melbourne VIC

2016                                                            Halfway Honoured, Batch Gallery, Monash University, Caulfield VIC

2016                                                            National Emerging Art Glass Prize, Wagga Wagga NSW

2016                                                            Fresh! Craft Victoria, Melbourne VIC

2015                                                            MADA NOW 15, Monash University Caulfield VIC

Darcy smith